Women for Change

Women for Change (W4C) is an important initiative in our All Together Now! campaign to defend public services, fight for tax fairness, good jobs and labour rights in Canada. W4C focus on moving the message forward that public policies must change so that issues such as child care, elder care, social services, and health care become a priority for all levels of government. The National Union’s Advisory Committee on Women’s Issues identified these as key issues for women in its project on life/work balance entitled Quality of Women’s Lives.

Women still have a disproportionate share of care giving responsibilities. As a result of the economic crisis and numerous austerity measures imposed by all levels of government, these responsibilities are increasing. Our Women for Change engage in conversations and deliver presentations to co-workers, union activists, friends and neighbours about the need for public policies to reflect the needs of Canadian women.

You can become a W4C by signing the Women for Change Pledge. Also, check out the resources listed below to help keep you informed about the W4C initiative. This is not just a union women’s issue — it is an issue for all Canadian women. We need to make changes for ourselves, our mothers, sisters, daughters and granddaughters. We need our voices heard when it comes to the economy, employment strategies that create good jobs and strong labour rights. We have a vested interest in making sure that our country has tax fairness to ensure the public services will be there when we need them.  

History has proven that if we raise our voices together we can make change! Now more than ever we need Women for Change! All together now for change!


Women for Change Pledge - Download a PDF to print

Presentation from January 2013 training (PDF)


Read the overview pamphlet (PDF document)

Women for Change - Facts about Women and Economic Well-Being - PDF



Fairness Test – Write your Premier to propose that their government develop a Fairness Test to evaluate the impact of key tax and spending policies in future provincial budgets on income inequality. 

NUPGE supports the Rethink Child Care campaign. We know that too many families are struggling to find decent child care and are scrambling to piece together care they can afford. It doesn’t have to be this way. We want to put child care back on the agenda. This campaign is a result of the enthusiastic group effort of Canadian unions and childcare advocates.

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