Women 4 Change

We need to Rethink Child Care

In Canada, too many families are struggling to find child care. Those who do have it often worry about the quality of care they are receiving. And the cost of child care in Canada is among the highest in the industrial world. 

High costs, lack of space, quality of care are all concerns for Canadian families in our patchwork system

Economic Benefits of Child Care

 This document explains how public spending on public child care more than pays for itself. It highlights a study done by Pierre Fortin and his colleagues at the Universite de Sherbrooke determined that for every dollar Quebec spends on child care programs, $1.05 is returned in the form of higher tax revenues and lower spending for the provincial government, with an additional 44 cents benefit returned to the federal government

Fairness Test: Why Not?

The Fairness Test is an important part of the Women for Change program. As income inequality continues to rise, we want to challenge governments - at every level- to examine the decisions they make during budget time to see what kind of harm they may be inflicting.  A Fairness Test would assess the impact of key tax and spending policies in government budget to determine whether they will increase or decrease income inequality. This test would embed the principle of fairness into public policy choices and ensure the poorest citizens and women are not hit the hardest by these choices.