Tax Fairness


Wealthy Canadians pay just half the tax they did in the 1980s


Taxes are an investment in the things that make Canada great: our schools, our hospitals, our roads, and our people.

But over the past generation we’ve been relentlessly cutting the taxes that our wealthiest citizens and our corporations have to pay. Thirty years ago, those in the top income bracket paid 70% tax; now they pay 40%. Thirty years ago, corporations paid 50% tax; now they pay less than 20%. 

These tax cuts have cost our governments billions of dollars, and what do we have to show for it? Certainly not the shared prosperity we were promised: the rich just keep getting richer.

So during this federal election, ask yourself: what’s stopping us from having tax fairness? Ask yourself if you think we can do better, or if we just have to keep on settling for less. Ask yourself how you’re going to vote: