We didn’t have to be suffering this recession.


When it comes to our economy & good jobs,  the election boils down to a simple choice:

We didn’t have to be suffering this recession.

We can do better.

It’s now official: the hands-off approach has driven our economy straight into a recession. That’s what you get when your government abandons manufacturing and put all of Canada’s economic eggs into one basket—oil. No wonder we’re the only G7 country with a shrinking economy.

Even when oil was booming, it wasn’t enough to support the entire country: we now have 400,000 fewer permanent, full-time jobs than when the current government took power. Not since the 1930s has Canada seen such weak growth.

The truth is that good economic management is about much more than spending restraint. It’s about vision and innovation and the courage to invest in all Canadians.

So this federal election, ask yourself: what’s stopping us from building new industries that are sustainable and provide good full-time jobs?