Here They Go Again! Negotiating Federal Transfer to the Provinces

In 2014 the federal Health Accord regarding the funding of the Canada Health Transfer (CHT) and, by extension, the Canada Social Transfer (CST), came up for renegotiation.  Unfortunately, many of our politicians and business leaders want to cut these transfers and cut those services.  We have had decades of tax cuts, tax breaks, deregulation, privatization and it brought our economy and our nation to the brink. Cuts to these transfers mean longer waiting times, larger caseloads in social services, higher tuition fees and poorer public services overall.  For workers, cuts in transfers mean layoffs and working longer and harder to keep up with the needs of the public they serve.  We need to work together to force them to put people before tax cuts and excessive corporate profits. We need to invest more money to keep that most prized jewel of Canadians-Medicare-strong.


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February, 2011

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