Good Jobs


CIBC: Canadian jobs haven’t been this bad for 25 years.


For decades, the established political parties have told us that if we leave our economy in the hands of “the global market,” we’ll all prosper. And while corporations are certainly prospering, most Canadians are struggling.

We’re working longer hours for less money. We’re forced to string together contracts and temporary jobs. There are now more than a million of us stuck working part-time.

In the past, we’ve built industries that meant good jobs for Canadians. The auto industry. The high-tech industry. The banking industry. “The market” didn’t give us these industries.

We built them.

So during this federal election, ask yourself, what’s stopping us from building new industries that are sustainable and provide good full-time jobs? Ask yourself if you think we can do better, or if we just have to keep on settling for less.