Economy and good jobs


Face the facts on the economy


When it comes to our economy & good jobs,  the election boils down to a simple choice:

Face the facts on the economy.

We can do better.

We’ve lost 400,000 permanent full-time jobs over the past decade, posted seven straight deficits, and Statistics Canada says we’re now in a recession. Claims by Conservative politicians that they can manage the economy don’t match the facts.

Although the recession and job losses are big problems, they’re not insurmountable. But the crucial first step is admitting that the problems exist, something our current government refuses to do.

We can’t overcome the challenges we face by simply insisting they’re not there. That’s not management, that’s marketing.

So this federal election, ask yourself, do you want a government that is just going to tell you “everything’s fine, don’t worry.” Or do you want a government that’s actually willing to get down to the hard but rewarding work that needs to be done?