Champions 4 Pensions

C4P Activist Guide

This guide will help anyone interested in being an activist for public pensions in Canada. It oulines the arguments in favour of a stronger public pension plan, and why it is one of our best social programs. 

Top 10 Reasons to Expand the CPP #6

Canada is facing a retirement income crisis as more and more Canadians are about to enter their retirement without adequate income security. We need to collectively fix this problem. We know we cannot rely on the private sector to do so, as they have failed miserably in providing Canadians with decent retirement income. Close to 11 million Canadian workers do no have a private pension plan. It is obvious this approach is not working for most Canadians so we must take action. The solution lies within the Canada Pension Plan. 

Pensions: High Economic Value #2

This pamphlet outlines the economic value that pensions bring to the Canadian economy. Pension funds are a huge pool of investment capital for the Canadian economy and increase the purchasing power of retirees. Pesnions have a postive influence on labour markets allowing employers to attract and retain qualified employees. Workplace pensions also reduce the cost of publicly funded income support programs since seniors can retire with their own relialbe income.

Pensions Primer

This pamphlet is a primer about the broad topic of pensions. It cover both workplace pension and public pensions and shows why pensions are key to eliminating income inequality. Retirement security is important to ensure our seniors retire with dignity and respect and have financial stability to care for themselves and their families.