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Privatization costs more - 20 Feb 2015

A recent Global News report revealed that privatizing food services in Saskatchewan correction facilities will increase costs.

Using data from provincial justice ministries and Statistics Canada, Global found that where food services in correctional facilities have been privatized those provinces are paying more. In Alberta, the cost is 59.4 per cent higher, while in B.C. the cost is 41.4 per cent higher.

Thank you for supporting the Fairness Express and fighting income inequalty - 05 Feb 2015

Dear Friends,

We wanted to send out our heart-felt thanks for taking the time to visit our team on the Fairness Express as it travelled across the country. Your engagement helped make our national tour one of the most rewarding and inspiring experiences in the history of the All Together Now! campaign.

REITs take huge profits out of P.E.I. - 20 Jan 2015

by Brad Binns, The Guardian, Charlottetown

Sixty-four per cent profit, zero per cent corporate tax for P.E.I.

P.E.I., meet Capreit, a $3 billion, publicly-traded, multi-national that within the last 15 months has become one of our biggest residential landlords. Did I mention they pay no income tax? Please keep this in mind when you are preparing your tax returns, to satisfy your own obligations.

First privatized hospital in Britain fails - 13 Jan 2015

The company operating the first privatized hospital in the British National Health Service (NHS) has announced it wants to back out of the contract.

Hospital contract not sustainable says Circle

According to the company operating the hospital, Circle,  the £1 billion contract is not sustainable.

In 2012, Circle was given a 10-year contract to operate Hinchingbrooke hospital in Cambridgeshire, England.

Why we hate taxes, and why we shouldn't - 12 Jan 2015

By Alex Himelfarb, Among his many roles Himelfarb is a former Clerk of the Privy Council and secretary to Cabinet, and currently is the Director of the Glendon School of Public and International Affairs, at York University. He also sits on the Board of Directors for the Public Services Foundation of Canada. 

Note: A somewhat shorter version first appeared in Alberta Views January/February 2015 as Taxes: a Small Price to Pay for Civilization.

First privatized hospital in Britain fails - 09 Jan 2015

The company operating the first privatized hospital in the British National Health System (NHS) has announced it wants to back out the contract.

According to the company, Circle, operating the hospital the £1 billion contract is not sustainable.


In 2012, Circle were given a 10 year contract to operate Hinchingbrooke hospital in Cambridgeshire, England.

Why one of Canada’s big banks is calling for greater income equality - 07 Jan 2015

Published by the Toronto Star on December 19, 2014

By: Ryan Meili

A moneylender sees the light, discovering a spirit of giving and generosity. It’s a classic Christmas tale of redemption — and redistribution — but this year the convert in question appears to be one of Canada’s biggest banks. In a recent report, economists at TD Bank laid out “The Case for Leaning Against Income Inequality,” pointing out the dangers of the widening divide, and giving some strong suggestions on how to turn the tide.

Manipulating numbers gives privatization schemes the advantage - 12 Dec 2014

The 2014 Ontario Auditor General's report shows how cost estimates were manipulated to make P3 privatization schemes appear cheaper than publicly managed infrastructure projects. This was done by producing very high estimates for savings from transferring risk to the private sector.

When only costs like construction, financing and administration were included, the public option cost much less. For the 74 projects where Value for Money (VFM) assessments were prepared, the report found public delivery was $8 billion cheaper.

Privatization costs Saskatchewan $46 million a year in lost revenue - 12 Dec 2014

Privatizing Saskatchewan's liquor stores will cost Saskatchewan residents $46 million a year, a new report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) and Parkland Institute has revealed.

“Privatization takes $46 million away from services like health care or education and puts it into the pockets of private liquor store operators,” said James Clancy, National President of the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE). “Saskatchewan residents will pay the price through tax increases or cuts to public services.”

The TD bank heads in the right direction, income inequality hurts our economy - 24 Nov 2014

A new report from the TD Bank reinforces the All Together Now! campaign message: income inequality hurts our economy. 

In its new report, 


it's not the first time TD Bank has come out with support for reducing income inequality. child care. 


He also acknowledges that "right-to-work" states in the U.S. are driving down wages, ones that used to be middle-income jobs have now slipped down while knowledge jobs continue to be paid a higher rate. Canadian employers feel pressure to follow suit.