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Time for action on income inequality at Davos - 20 Jan 2016

Today, more than 2,500 wealthy business people, government officials, international organizations, academics and non-governmental groups will be gathering in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum (WEF) to discuss pressing world issues. This annual event is a major networking opportunity for some of the wealthiest and most influenial people around the world.

Canada’s Kim Kardashian wants to buy Alberta a new government - 19 Jan 2016

Like Kim Kardashian, Kevin O'Leary is a well-heeled reality show star and business person who’s better known for style than substance. And in a recent CBC television interview, he announced that he would invest $1 million in Alberta's energy sector if Premier Rachel Notley stepped down. 

Congratulations on your new HQ, Google, now please pay your taxes - 15 Jan 2016

On January 14, Google, along side Prime Minister Trudeau, announced that it was setting up the Google Development shop in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. This decision will create 350 high-tech jobs in the area. 

Canadians for Tax Fairness welcomes the news but remains concerned about Google’s record in paying corporate taxes in countries in which they operate.

Small business tax rates used as a loophole - 04 Jan 2016

Very few people feel that well-off accountants, lawyers, or dentists should pay a lower rate of tax than the rest of us. But as a recent Toronto Sun column points out, the combination of personal services corporations and lower tax rates for small businesses are allowing many well-heeled professionals to avoid paying their share.

As the article points out, the combined federal and provincial tax rate for small businesses in Ontario is 11 per cent. For high-income individuals its 46 per cent.

Charges laid in Ontario privatization scandal - 17 Dec 2015

Two people have been charged with destroying evidence related to the gas plant privatization scandal in Ontario. The charges come after a lengthy investigation into two major players — David Livingston and Larua Miller — in the former Premier, Dalton McGuinty's office.

The scandal involved the relocation of two gas plants for what appeared to be political reasons. Because the much of electricity generation in Ontario has been privatized, costs related to relocating the plants were far higher than they would have been if the plants had been public.

Another privatization scheme fails - 14 Dec 2015

The Somerset County Council in Britain is canceling a year early a privatization scheme led by IBM due to serious problems. The Council expects that bringing services back into the public sector will save money.

For Ontario and Nova Scotia residents, the issues that led to the cancellation will be all too familiar.

The secrecy, problems and broken promises are disturbingly similar to a number of privatization schemes involving IBM and Canadian governments.

Deals too good to be true

A new federal Minister of Revenue - 04 Nov 2015

Canada’s new Revenue Minister is a Quebec business woman with experience in municipal politics and a previous career in social work. Dianne Lebouthillier was sworn in this morning.

Will she be hands on in helping the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) reorganize to go after multinational tax evasion schemes and put a halt to the $199 billion Canadian parked in tax havens?

It is an issue crucial to the operation of Canada’s economic health.

Here’s hoping that her community and small business experience gives her the wisdom to make changes.  

Where do they stand? Voting Guide helps navigate federal election - 29 Sep 2015

Need help sorting through the platforms of political parties before you cast your vote on October 19? 

Check out the new 2015 Federal Election Voting Guide, published by the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE), that brings into focus the issues that are central to the All Together Now! campaign. 

Harper and cabinet ministers met with KPMG while company was under CRA investigation for tax fraud scheme - 24 Sep 2015

The CBC has reported that even though KPMG is under investigation for setting up a tax avoidance scheme to help wealthy individuals avoid paying their share in taxes, Stephen Harper and two of his senior cabinet ministers still met with the company's senior staff in 2014 and 2015. Coincidentally, the court case related to the investigation has been on hold for 31 months.

Conservative connection to KPMG during tax fraud investigation raises questions

All Together Now! campaign's core values at the heart of 2015 federal election - 10 Sep 2015

This federal election is gearing up to a watershed moment in Canadian history. 

"Canadians are frustrated with the direction this federal government is taking us in," said James Clancy, National President of the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE)  "Besides scandals and secrecy, we are seeing our most cherished values being ignored or demolished by this current government."

ATN federal election resources spark conversations on key issues in campaign