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New Hydro One board — same old secrecy - 04 Aug 2015

While the faces at the Hydro One board table may be changing, the secrecy that accompanies privatization deals is staying in place.

In July, new members were appointed to the Hydro One board by the Ontario government. These new, hand-picked members will oversee the privatization of the utility. They also appear to be the people the provincial Liberals trust not to ask awkward questions. They include executives with companies or organizations that profit from the privatization of public services.

Privatization secrecy continues

Another tax-avoiding resource company exposed - 10 Jul 2015

One of Canada's wealthiest resource companies owes at least $200 million in taxes and it could be much more, says Canadians for Tax Fairness. 

The Financial Post ( is reporting that a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) investigation found that Vancouver-based Silver Wheaton's business model is set up to avoid taxes.

Privatization bid fails - First U.S. Social Impact Bond cancelled - 07 Jul 2015

News about a U.S. Social Impact Bond project intended to help reduce recidivism among young people imprisoned at Rikers Island in New York City is coming out showing that it has been cancelled after it failed to meet its targets. The program was found to have made no difference to recidivism rates.

We can do better: It's time for a change - All Together Now! gears up for federal election - 30 Jun 2015

The federal election is merely weeks away and the All Together Now! campaign wants voters to have all the facts before they head to the ballot box. 

Election campaign boils down to a simple choice: Can we do better, or do we settle for less

The major underpinnings of the ATN campaign are key issues that need to be raised during this important election. Deciding the political party and leader who can ensure Canadians have access to quality public services, good jobs, increased tax fairness and strong labour rights is one of the biggest jobs for voters this year. 

Tax havens too big a problem for consumers to fix - 30 Jun 2015

When we hear of a corporation is behaving unethically the options we’re told signing a petition to the CEO or refusing to buy the products or services that corporation sells will fix the problem. But a recent article on tax havens shows, the problem is too big to be solved by consumer pressure.

Golden Dodges report reveals how McDonalds avoids paying billions in taxes - 20 May 2015

Golden Dodges, a new report from the IUF, Public Services International (PSI) and the North American Service Employees International Union (SEIU), reveals how McDonald's, the world's largest fast food company as well as the largest franchiser, has methodically exploited the tax system to avoid billions in taxes.

McDonalds has become a major global tax dodger

Conservatives spend $525 million to create jobs outside Canada - 24 Apr 2015

The Conservative government is providing Volkswagen AG with $525 million in financing to expand factories in Mexico and the Southern United States. The money is being provided by Export Development Canada. No conditions are attached to the financing.

In exchange for giving Volkswagen $525 million to create jobs nowhere near Canada, what do Canadians get? Not a guarantee of work. Instead, all Canadian companies get is a “real chance to be considered” for contracts to supply parts.

LEGO explains how income taxes work to reduce or increase income inequality - 14 Apr 2015


The Brookings Institution, a U.S.-based think tank, has released a new video which pulls the curtain back on the workings of the income tax system in the country. What it clearly reveals is that the current system of taxes does nothing to reduce the problem of income inequality across America. 

Support for reducing income inequality comes from unlikely source - 08 Apr 2015

For decades, the gap between the wealthy and the middle- and low-income earners has been growing. The gap in assets between the richest 1% and the rest of us has become even worse since the economic collapse in 2008. Many studies have been done to consider why income inequality continues to grow, but now an unlikely organization has looked at the issue with a new focus.

IMF links growing inequality to decline in unions

Helping the wealthy at your expense - 26 Feb 2015

A recent study by Jonathan Rhys Kesselman, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Public Finance with the School of Public Policy at Simon Fraser University and who is a fellow at the Broadbent Institute, shows doubling the amount people can contribute to a tax free savings account is Robin Hood in reverse. Poor and middle-income Canadians will pay so the wealthy can get more.

You need $200,000 a year to benefit