Fairness Express launches in British Columbia and Alberta

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Income inequality affects us all. Our All Together Now! campaign approach has been to build trust and common cause with people through word of mouth communication – through conversations face to face in their communities and workplaces and through online tools. 

After hugely successful tours in the Atlantic provinces, Ontario, and Manitoba, the ATN Fairness Express is now rolling west making its way into British Columbia. A few days later, a second Fairness Express kicks off a tour through Alberta! Over the months of August and September, the big green buses will be reaching out to people about why we all need to be working together to fix the problem of income inequality. Once the west coast legs of the tour are complete, we head to our final province: Saskatchewan! 

Keep your eye open for the big green bus at local events, festivals and farmers` markets! We'll be where you'd never expect us to be. 

We kick off events in B.C. starting on August 16 on Dallas Road in Victoria. In Alberta, we'll start at the Edmonton Fringe Festival on August 19.

Families are anxious about the future and there is a sense that those in power are not acting in the public interest. The #FairnessExpress is a great opportunity to build a movement of people who are interested in protecting and promoting the core value of fairness for all Canadians. 

You'll find updates from the road on the bus blog, with photos, videos and stories from what Fairness Express engagers and Champions 4 Change are seeing, what they are hearing, and who is joining us in this movement.

If you need to find where the Fairness Express will be check out the calendar. Because of the simaltaneous nature of these legs, be sure to look for AB (Alberta) or BC (British Columbia) to see where you can meet up the bus. 

We will be constantly updating the page to indicate where the bus will be so FOLLOW THE BUS! If you can't make it to a bus stop near you, follow @ATNcampaign or search #FairnessExpress on Twitter to find out what is going on. Or check out our regular updates on Facebook.com/ATNcampaign. (Be sure to like us, too!)



Head over to our flickr.com page to see all the photos we're taking during our tour